How Being Receptive Can Bring You Happiness

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Have you ever rolled a ball back and forth between yourself and another person? In it’s simplest terms, being receptive works just like that. When you’re in a state of receptivity, you and the universe, or you and God, are easily rolling the ball that contains the happiness and abundance you desire back and forth down a smooth defined path between each other.

But, if obstacles are thrown in this path, or the path isn’t well defined or secured, the ability to be receptive (or easily receive that ball of happiness) is interrupted. Can you believe this happens to a majority of us simply because we spend most of our time engaging in thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and activities that put us in a non-receptive state of mind?

In the following post, I’ll share 7 benefits of being receptive. I’ll also share a few easy, fun things you can begin doing to become more receptive on your own.

The Benefits Of Being Receptive

Besides being able to more easily receive the happiness and abundance you most desire, what are some other benefits to becoming more receptive? Check out the list below.

Connects you with your inner sense of knowing – Besides establishing a point of connection and defining a path for a giving/receiving exchange to occur, being receptive also allows you the opportunity to connect and become acquainted with your inner sense of knowing. This sense of knowing is your inner navigation system, and contains all the tools and insight you need to easily navigate your life in a right-minded heart-centered way. It also makes it much easier to manifest the happiness and abundance you most desire.

Helps make it easier to receive everything – Being receptive, or in a state of receptivity also opens you up energetically. This sends a signal to God and the universe, prepares your mind and body, and puts you in a prime position to begin receiving the information, insight and other tools you’ll need to begin manifesting the happiness and abundance you desire.

Helps your thoughts expand – Being in a state of receptivity puts your mind at a higher consciousness. When this happens, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perceptions automatically begin to expand. This in turn helps you expand, which is what needs to happen if you want to begin receiving the happiness and abundance you desire.

Helps give you insight & information – Being in a state of receptivity allows your mind, body and spirit the opportunity to begin receiving the insight and information it needs to help you manifest the happiness and abundance you desire. This insight or information can be anything from a new thought, a realization, a new material possession, a physical change or something you may not be consciously aware of at this time.

Helps you feel better – Since being in a state of receptivity helps expand your thoughts and perceptions, and also helps you receive insight and information, this can help ease feelings of sadness, doubt, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, etc.

Helps you feel more secure & confident – If you’re in a state of receptivity consistently, it can help you feel more secure inside, which can help you manifest any happiness or abundance you desire with much more confidence and ease.

Helps you be a better person naturally – Since being in a state of receptivity expands your thoughts, feelings and perceptions, it helps make feelings like self love, understanding, compassion, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness come to you more naturally, without much conscious effort or struggle on your part. This can also help you manifest the happiness and abundance you desire much easier as well.

How You Can Become More Receptive

So now that you know about the benefits of being in a state of receptivity, what kinds of things can you begin doing to develop this sense in yourself? Practice, practice, practice. The most thorough, quick, efficient, easy and fun way to do this practice is to engage in regular daily meditations. And the more simple route is to regularly connect with yourself and others, including nature, by doing things that you enjoy. And if you can do both of these things regularly, that’ll strengthen your sense of receptivity even more!

To learn more about how you can develop your own daily Meditation practice, see the articles, “How To Start A Meditation Practice Of Your Own” or “5 Benefits Of Meditating Two Times Each Day”.

In Conclusion

Did you know? Most people in our world today are not receptive. This can be seen in the mostly conservative non-receptive thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviors and consequences that are dominating our social landscapes today. Infighting between politicians and neighbors, bullying and violence in our schools, stress, sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, stagnate economies, homelessness, housing shortages, government restrictions, etc.

But, the good news is, all this can begin to change for the positive and less restrictive if we as a collective commit to doing what it takes to change our thoughts. You can do this by doing your part everyday to bring happiness and abundance into your life and become more receptive.

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