4 Ways To Explore Your Relationship With God

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Did you know? Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you have a relationship with God. We all do, and always have. But in this day of multi-million dollar Christian church empires, increased interpersonal disconnection and questioning about religion as well as declining Christian church attendance, how can we become conscious of, cultivate and nurture our own relationships with God without becoming religious or setting foot in a house of worship?

In the following post, I’ll share easy, fun, practical everyday things you can begin doing to build, cultivate and nurture your own loving and healthy ongoing relationship with God without becoming religious or going to church. Plus, I’ll share the tricks to being successful at it.

4 Fun Ways To Explore Your Relationship With God

What are some fun and easy things you can begin doing to explore, cultivate and strengthen your own unique connection and relationship with God? Check out the list of activities below.

Spend time with God – Make spending conscious time with God a priority at least once if not two times per day. The easiest way to do this is by engaging in one or more of the activities listed in the next sections below. The more difficult but more thorough way to connect with God is by developing a daily meditation practice. This meditation practice can be anything from taking time out to say a prayer, spending 1-2 minutes checking in with yourself, or developing a full-on daily meditation practice of 20 minutes twice per day – whatever feels most comfortable to you at the current time.

Spend time with yourself – Spend time alone with yourself doing things that make you feel good or that you enjoy. Get physical! Enjoy some exercise, go for a walk, clean a messy space, write in a journal, pray, create some art, play or listen to music, dance, sing, cook or bake a favorite food, eat a favorite food, enjoy a favorite drink, read a favorite scripture/book or watch a favorite fun TV show. This will help you get to know yourself better, learn about what  you do and do not appreciate and enjoy some of the good things life has to offer. It may also help you resolve any issues you might have on your mind at the current time as well.

Spend time in nature – Spend time with yourself or others in nature. Open the windows in your house or office and enjoy the fresh air, exercise, go for a walk, hike or bike ride, have a picnic, go geo caching or rock climbing, wash a car, go camping, play a sport, spend time with an animal, clean a messy outdoor space, take pictures of pretty or exciting things you see or just watch the birds. This will help clear your mind and make it much easier for insights and ideas to come your way.

Spend time with others – Spend time doing something fun with others. Play with the cat, take the dog for a walk, take your child or children to the park, have coffee with friends or play a fun game, see a good movie or work on a fun project with friends or family members. This helps everyone feel loved, and creates and cultivates connections that strengthen the ties that bind us.

The Tricks To Developing A Relationship With God

So what’s the tricks to developing your own truly loving, healthy and connecting ongoing relationship with God? Being conscious, being consistent and allowing yourself to enjoy everything God has to offer you.

Being Conscious – Sometimes just the simple act of becoming conscious or aware of something can make all the difference in the world. This is no exception when it comes to building and cultivating your own unique relationship with God. Knowing that you can connect with him, her or it just by doing simple fun things that you’re probably already doing anyway is all the difference some people need to begin to explore their connection and change their life.

Being Consistent – As with anything you wish to be successful at, building and cultivating your own unique relationship with God, requires that you be consistent. Set aside a little bit of time each day to consciously engage in one or more of the activities listed above. The more you do this, the stronger and more secure your connection with God will be.

Enjoy – As I said in this transmission, our relationships with God are best explored, understood and appreciated through the senses of taste, touch, sight, smell, etc. So relax and allow yourself to enjoy exploring your relationship with God and all he, she or it has to offer you. If it makes it easier, pretend like you’re getting to know a new friend that you can not see. That’s what I did when I first started exploring my own relationship with God, and it really helped.

In Conclusion

Building and exploring your own unique relationship with God can be as easy and fun as you want to make it. You can do anything from taking the more traditional route of reading daily scriptures or engaging in prayer. Or you can choose to explore your relationship with God via more non-traditional means like cleaning a messy space, baking cookies, doing laundry or a weekend project or spending time outdoors. However you choose to explore your relationship with God, my hope is that you enjoy the process enough to stick with it, and make God, and all she, he or it has to offer you, a part of your life for years to come.

For easy, fun, practical things you can begin doing to start a daily meditation practice of your own, see the “How To Start A Daily Meditation Practice” section of the article, “How To Start A Meditation Practice Of Your Own”

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