5 Benefits Of Meditating Two Times Each Day

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Wanna kickstart powerful healing, growth and change in your life? Consider meditating two times each day! This simple act of sitting in silence for 20 minutes two times each day has a myriad of health benefits and can also do a lot to help initiate any bold life changes you might be wanting to make.

In the following post, I’ll share 5 benefits that meditating two times each day can offer you. Plus, I’ll share 5 easy, fun, practical things you can begin doing to see if developing a daily meditation practice is right for you.

5 Benefits Of Meditating Two Times Each Day

In addition to helping initiate powerful healing, growth and change in your life, what else can taking the time to meditate two times each day offer you? The benefits are listed below.

Establishes Consistency & Helps Facilitate Faster Integration – Whether you choose to meditate once or twice each day, it’s important to be consistent with your practice. This will help any learning you do or any progress you make integrate into your body and appear in your emotional and physical and emotional life at a much faster rate. It will also help prime and calibrate your body, mind and spirit such that you’ll be ready to receive the energy from the gifts the universe has to offer you.

Helps You Become More Receptive – Since meditation naturally opens you up energetically, this causes everything within and about you to expand. As such, anything within or about you can be changed – your thoughts, your beliefs, your perceptions, etc. And, the longer you remain open (or in a receptive state) the more you will evolve and change. You may see evidence of this change as stress or worries that have been lifted, thoughts that have become lighter, problems that seem easier to solve, solutions that feel like they’ve come to you out of nowhere, changes in routine, appetite etc.

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Helps Repair & Strengthen Damaged Spiritual Connections – If you have any spiritual connections that have been frayed or damaged over time, sitting in meditation twice each day is a great way to naturally and gently begin the process of healing and repairing these connections. Doing so will help them work more properly and will better assist you in yielding more positive outcomes in all aspects of your life.

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Helps Repair & Strengthen Your Inner Guidance System – One of the benefits of taking the time to heal and repair frayed or damaged spiritual connections is greatly improved inner guidance or intuition. Meditating two times per day is a great way to naturally and gently begin this process.

Initiates Supercharged Healing, Growth & Change – It’s no secret that meditation of any kind helps facilitate healing, growth and change. But, the degree to which you experience this healing, growth and change depends on how energetically primed and calibrated your mind, body and spirit are, and how receptive you’ll allow yourself to be. If you want to experience the fastest healing, growth and change, meditating two times each day is a great way to kickstart this process. Even so, it should be done with caution. See the words of caution below for more info.

Some Words Of Caution

DO NOT meditate two times per day unless you have already established a consistent one time per day meditation practice. This is because, although the healing and change that will come to you may feel very gentle, it might have very powerful consequences that you really have to be ready for in order to handle them properly. Meditating once per day is a great way to begin the process of preparing yourself for this.

If meditating two times each day feels like too much, TAKE A BREAK or STOP altogether. You can always pick it up again if or when it feels right to you.

DO NOT push for change. Even though meditating two times each day initiates faster healing, growth and change, it’s important not to push for the healing or change you’re hoping for. This creates resistance, which will impede any progress you might’ve made. The best way to create the healing and change you are seeking is to relax and let it naturally unfold as best you can.

How To Start A Meditation Practice Of Your Own

Regardless of whether you choose to meditate once or twice every day, below are some helpful tips to help you get started. Keep in mind that although spending more time in meditation can be of benefit, and is actually in some cases recommended, it isn’t wise to meditate more than two times per day for 20 minutes at a time.

Start Somewhere – Whether you take 2, 5, 10 or 20 minutes to meditate once or twice each day in the company of silence or with an app or guided meditation, start somewhere.

Be Consistent – In my experience, meditation works exactly like a muscle you’re trying to strengthen or a supplement or pill you need to take to keep your body well. It works best when done consistently each day.

Know That Changes May Be Necessary – One thing that meditation is great at doing is helping you grow in the body, mind and spirit. As such, you might find that you need to make changes to your meditation practice as you spiritually grow and change. For example, you may start out feeling ok with just simply taking time out to sit in silence with your eyes closed for 5 or 10 minutes one time each day. But then you might find that your body is asking for more time, the assistance of an app or guided meditation, etc.

Take Breaks, But Don’t Give Up – If you’re like me, as much as you might love and enjoy the benefits of doing something consistently, sometimes it’s good to take a break. So, if you feel inclined to take a break from your meditation practice, don’t be afraid to “just pick it up again” at a later time. In fact, that’s another thing I love about meditation – It’s easy to start and it’s easy to start again and quickly catch up if you’ve taken some time out.

In Conclusion

If you’re in the market to make bold sweeping positive life changes, meditating two times each day is a great way to begin to do it. This simple act of sitting in silence twice each day helps quickly, easily and naturally establish a consistent dialogue with your higher self and God, repair damaged or frayed spiritual connections, strengthen intuition and kickstart the powerful healing, growth and change you’ll need to be able to move forward in your life in positive healthy ways.

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